This journey begins with one first step - to preserve and historically renovate Stephen Smith's Summer home as a monument to his philanthropic works, and the restoration of our collective heritage.


Our Mission

The purpose of the Stephen Smith House Historic Preservation, Inc. is to restore, preserve and help educate others on the works of Stephen Smith through historic tours, as the house stood, and was enjoyed in his day.

Smith was purchased by a Revolutionary War general at the age of nine and later became an abolitionist and agent in the Underground Railroad; he signed Frederick Douglas’s “Men of Color to Arms” during the early part of the Civil War.
— Eric Avedissian, article 'Lafayette St. home is memorial to abolitionist' " Cape May Star and Wave"

What We've Achieved

  • Underground Railroad Tour, Stop #5

  • Garden beautification, grant recipient from the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May - 2/25/2016

  • Underground Railroad Network to Freedom, listed site with the National Park Service 1/28/2015

  • Cape May Magazine (issue xx 2015)

  • Cape May Magazine (issue xx 2016)

  • Cape May Magazine (issue xx 2016)

  • Historic sites tour #3